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Online Stores
There are various styles of shopping carts that can be added to a website. The one I use now allows all of the stock, orders and payments to be managed via a web-page. This means that you can run your online shop yourself from your own computer.

This cart gives the option of the client running the store themselves. You don't need to contact me every time you want to change stock or update… unless you don't want to do it yourself. However, it's pretty easy to learn.

Simply log in to keep track of your inventory, manage orders, change your stock, descriptions and photos.

There are 3 levels of membership with this cart. The 'free' one is commission-based and accepts credit card payments which are then automatically deposited into your bank account minus a small commission. Other upgraded accounts offer more payment methods if required.

The cart is 'responsive', which means it works well on a tablet or phone. The number of columns will change accordingly. Items can be searched and sorted into categories by your customers. Checkout is easy.

Snippets of code can be used to promote items for 'quick buy' via email or social media.
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Here is the cart in use on
This site uses the cart to sell CDs and also digital downloads.