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DIY Website
Just want a little website you can update yourself?
In this case I set up the site using an online editor so the page can be managed via a web-page from your own computer - or mine if you don't want to do it yourself.

I set up your site with an online web editor that is easy to learn and show you how to use it. While some of the design features are limited, the basic website has free hosting. More features (like e-Commerce / background videos etc.) are available when the hosting is upgraded to a paid account.

These self-managed sites mean that you or anyone in your team can log-in and make changes - or if they get stuck, I can log-in and help, or you can simply send me the updates to do for you. You don't have to maintain the site yourself but you have the option.

The sites on this page were originally set up by me. Several are managed by the client only, for others I do the updates. Some are using the free hosting, and others pay extra to include features like the video background.
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I can also supply the pics and memes for social media updates to match the site.

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