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Using a Ouija Board
by Linda

From the Flowering Plants and Trees and Bee Kingdom
by Mila

Being At One with Nature
by Linda

The Structure of Creation
by Ken

Articles by Linda...
What is Ascension?
An introductory article for those new to ascension information.
How to Use a Pendulum
Contacting your own guidance is simple once you know how.
Seeing The Signs: Divination for the Psychically Challenged
So you think you're not intuitive? Think again!
Tools 'n' Tones
Making your own Relationship with them.
Making the Map for Ascension
A tough job but somebody's got to do it!
Ascending With Crystals
Learn how to love your crystals.
Healing With Crystals
How can you use crystals for healing?
So, How Do I Ascend?
How does one actually follow the ascension map?
Lost in Translation
Why the words you say are not necessarily the words others hear
Coming into Balance in Ascension
Rising above the 'pre-sets' you were born with.
Life is Not a Dress Rehearsal
If YOU don't make your dreams happen, nobody else will!
Ascending in the Real World
How does one ascend into a new world while still living in the old world?
Ascending at Work
How to use your job to assist your ascension.
[Includes Grounding & Protection visualization]
Your Life on the Cosmic Lawn
Taking stock of attachments.
All in Good Time...
Having trouble manifesting your dream? Could be you're out of Time.
Ascending into the New Earth
Are you waiting for a golden age to descend upon you? There's lots of work to do!
Under Attack!
I'm frequently asked what crystals can be used against psychic attack - but that all depends what's attacking you...
The Beauty of Imperfection
If you are constantly seeking 'perfection' in your life you may be missing out on the lessons and healing 'imperfection' brings.

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Hello, and welcome to our site! My husband Ted and I work together on our projects, he energetically anchoring my work, and me writing, reading and healing.

We anchor this site to bring you information about ascension - the increasing vibration of Earth and all the kingdoms on her - including you!

Ascension is a very involved subject which can be overwhelming when you first discover it. As you start to ascend yourself, a lot of stuff starts to surface in your life to deal with.

I have aimed to bring you a variety of information here that I hope will resonate and help you.

Each writer on this site - myself, Ken and Mila - write and channel from the perspective of our own ascensions and own personal truth which evolves constantly as one ascends in vibration.

While the information may be helpful to you, ours are by no means the only perspectives on ascension, we are just some of the people who are writing about it. As you access information directly yourself you will develop your own perspectives on ascension. Maybe you'll even write about it on your own site one day.

... and this is the whole point of the ascension movement - we are all sovereign (self contained) beings moving towards a common goal. We are not followers of any one person or their teachings, although we may find useful information to work with through the insights of others.

Your personal truth evolves constantly driven by your intent to ascend and the hard work you put into working on yourself.

Never underestimate your abilities. You have within your cells the information of your ancestors who will work with you if you ask them to. You can commune and communicate with the nature kingdoms, earth and your higher self.. and you don't need to be clairvoyant, or go through a guru or spend a lot of money to do this.

We hope the information on this site helps and inspires you on your own ascension journey.

Best wishes,
Linda & Ted

Crystal Spirit Painting by talented Australian artist Aedenn Rowan
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