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Children of the New Earth magazine is especially dedicated to bringing together information from a variety of sources including channels, healers and teachers.

Sections include Parenting, Health and Nutrition, Education, channeled articles and resources to give adults an insight into the needs of the children who will lead humanity in the future.

Highly recommended for open-minded parents, teachers, healers and anyone with an interest in ascension or humanity at large. It is the only printed resource we have found specifically devoted to the ascending children.

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Much has been mentioned in ascension material about the ascending children now being born, however, there is very little information about them - the way they see the world, or how to teach and parent them.

Most parents are unaware that many children are ascending, and at this time there is very little written information from ascending adults who have ascending children or grandchildren.

Known by a variety of names including Indigo and Crystal children, the ascending children are arriving with higher states of awareness and consciousness and have different needs to the children who have gone before them.

Indigo Children, ADD, Autism and Ascension: The Next Phaase of Generational Ascension Defined
The Earth Mother through Karen Danrich, "Mila"

Supporting the Ascending Children, Releasing Poverty, Homelessness and Hunger Karma
The Earth Mother through Karen Danrich, "Mila", discusses the aims for the (then) upcoming Conclave in Jasper, Canada - a gathering of ascending people. The article uses terminology familiar to those who have been following Mila's ascension material and discusses other related topics that will affect children in the future.

Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children
by Doreen Virtue

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The Care and Feeding of Indigo Children
by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.
CODE: BK021 - $24.95
Indigo Children are bright, intuitive, strong-willed, and sometimes self-destructive individuals. They are often labeled (and misdiagnosed) as having ADD or ADHD because they won't comply with established rules and patterns, and they may exhibit behavioural problems at home and at school. 240 pages - 14cm x 21cm

Audio CD: Indigo, Crystal & Rainbow Children
by Doreen Virtue, PhD
CODE: CD011 - $24.95
A Guide to the New Generations of Highly Sensitive Young People
Since the 1970s, parents and schoolteachers have noticed that children are becoming increasingly more sensitive, aware, and psychic. The first generation of the new children are Indigos, followed in the 1990s by the Crystal Children. Now, the new Rainbow Children are starting to emerge. On this two-CD set, Doreen discusses the characteristics of the Indigos, Crystals, and Rainbows; gives parenting guidance about behavioral issues; and describes their souls’ purpose and the beautiful messages they have for all of us.

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