So, How Do I Ascend?
by Linda Johnson
11th January 2005

So how do you ascend your vibration and how do you follow the ascension map yourself?
Well, the very fact that you are reading this article and on this web site means you are probably already ascending whether you're conscious of it or not. You probably already have a history of interests in spiritual topics and are looking for more depth and meaning.

You simply intend to ascend and then carry on doing all the sort of things that will increase your vibration, and avoiding the things that will lessen your vibration. You will then automatically be following the map that has been tried, tested and released as you go up in vibration, as this is really the only path available now. You may fluctuate to different poles of a situation in order to cover all experiences, but as you learn each lesson and come into balance you will start rising in vibration and following the ascension map. You can't really get lost, although you may fail to proceed or go backwards if you do not learn your lessons.

Below I've listed some of the ascension basics and links to relevant information I've written elsewhere.

The first and most important thing is to be 'grounded'. This connects your energy to Earth's and keeps you safe and 'in the loop' for ascension information and guidance. If you are not grounded you may not hear clear guidance from your higher self or Earth, but rather that of entities which do not necessarily have your interests at heart. You will also not be able to do your ascension work. A grounding visualisation is in the Pendulum article.

When you say 'I Intend...' you are connecting to your higher self to your own increasing ability to manifest your own dream. You can say it out loud or in your head. You can read off your current list of intentions or recite it as part of your meditations. Visualising what you are intending will help to reinforce it. For example, the first intention can be "I Intend to Ascend" - this will help anchor your most current ascension blueprint which contains the part of the map you need for the current phase of ascension you are working on.

Intent is different to the old way of 'prayer'. Intent makes you a conduit for working through your own self, increasing your own abilities and directly influencing the outcome. Prayer, on the other hand, directs your energies outside of yourself to somebody or something else requesting them to do it for you. There is no longer any need to do this now you can 'go direct'.

You may keep a diary with lists of intents of your own you are working on as well as some of the standard intents Mila (from the Spiritual School of Ascension) writes frequently in her articles. For example:-

I intend to Ascend
I intend Peace
I intend Unity in the Dance of Life
I intend Honor of Self and all Others
I intend Manifestation of All Needs to Fulfil Upon World Service to Earth
I intend to call in All Karma Owed
I intend Balanced Giving and Receiving
I intend to Transcend all Limitations
I intend to Learn All Spiritual Lessons Life Presents

I find it handy to keep a note book with my intents, dreams, results of readings, messages and signs and notes about new ascension information that I might want to refer to again quickly.

You need to be able to talk to your guidance any time. If you are not naturally clairvoyant, a tool like a pendulum is inexpensive and easy to learn. After regular use you will help develop your own intuition. You can also learn to tune in to signs from nature to give you clues when things need to be worked on, and so your guidance can contact you. A tool like tarot will assist you to see the upcoming influences to work on. You can also make your own divination sets out of cards, crystals - anything you like, as long as it has meanings for you. (I've also made an ascension divination set for those who are interested: see Crystal Life Reading Set)

Releasing karma is the main way of moving up in vibration. As you move up in vibration you will access new karma your ancestors left behind. Sometimes this can feel like you're under attack for no apparent reason, and I've written in more detail on these symptoms and how to release them. Mostly your daily intent to 'release all karma due for release today' will do so without you needing to live through it in the physical.

You can also use visualisation on your tapestry of ancestry - located in the lower back in your etheric body. Use your inner eye to visualise a tapestry of your extended family tree with many threads. Check that the threads are all equal in thickness. Ask that all the karma due for release today releases from your tapestry. You may see this as lumps, dirt or blobs lifting out and floating up, washed with the pink tone of forgiveness.

Then visualise yourself calling up the tapestries of everybody you know (either individually or all piled together) and laying yours on top. Ask to see where there is corresponding karma between you and the others. Then visualise this being released. This will often avoid conflicts in the physical as the cause has been released in advance.

You should work towards ultimately restoring 100% of each of the four subtle bodies: Mental, Emotional, Intuitive and Creative. You need at least part of all these bodies present in order to manifest your dreams. Your progress can be checked with your pendulum. At first you will probably find higher amounts of some bodies than others, or some bodies could be completely absent. You should also check that you are not holding anybody elses' subtle bodies or portions of them as these must be returned. It will take a fair bit of ascending before you have 100% of each body, but aim in the meantime to replenish the ones that have less than 30% so that they can work manifesting your dreams. You can intend something like "I intend to restore all of my subtle bodies and return any that do not belong to me".

Your Ascending Dream is the future scenario you are moving towards. Once your subtle bodies are working properly (at least 30% of each) you can intend a future dream and live to see it manifest - as long as it doesn't conflict with Earth's ascending dream for ascension, unity and balance. It is therefore very important to monitor your dream and check it hasn't been damaged or stolen. Also you will need to check the 8 levels your dream progresses down before it manifests in the physical. If you can't see this, just ask with your pendulum if your dream is OK and intact on each level and if not, intend it back. Don't forget that the higher your vibration the faster a dream will manifest so do keep track of it.

It is very important to 'Intend to have all my systems in present time'. I wrote previously about timing, but basically most people's energy fields shift into the past. One needs all their bodies and systems in present time in order to ground properly, contact their guidance properly, release today's karma and patterns etc. Otherwise you will be repeating and re-living the past and going over things you already released, including physical illnesses.

Check all your chakras are rotating properly, are in present time and are all your own. You can do this with your pendulum. There is a chakra cleansing and protecting visualisation in this article. Your chakras keep the energy moving thoughout your subtle bodies and in turn the energy moving through your physical body. You can do this with visualisation, crystals on the chakra points or pendulum rotation. Problems or blockages can lead to disease in both etheric and physical bodies.

Some of the ways you can lose your vibration are:
Losing Gridwork - check all your etheric gridwork is present and that it is all your own. Intend any missing gridwork return. Also, intend to cleanse the space between your gridwork as this is where a lot of etheric junk is stored.
Having Attachments - these will drain chi from your gridwork. Intend to release all attachments that no longer serve.
Losing Records - Your ascension records are like a library of information you gather as you increase in vibration. It gives you access to more and more ascension information. If you lose records you will lessen your vibration. Sometimes a lack of interest in ascension or a pain in the neck (where the records are stored) can be a clue. Intend that you hold all your ascension records and release anybody elses you may be holding.
Electrical Energy - You should become increasingly magnetic in your energy field and less electric as you ascend. You can check your levels with your pendulum. Intend to ground out all excess electrical energy. Avoid exposure to electrical devices such as TV, Computer, Clock Radio, Microwave etc and spend more time in nature.
Bad Vibes - Bless your food and try to make it as fresh and meat free as possible. Avoid microwaving. Bless all alcohol to release the entites and never be drunk or stoned when doing spiritual work. Avoid violent, dark movies and books as they attrack like minded entities.

The above advice will get you started on your ascension journey. It is only a simplistic introduction about how to start, but it will give you something 'physical' to work with - doing your intents, visualisation, learning to use your tools and talking to your guidance. If you can do this much on a regular basis, there is plenty more available to work with throughout this web site and the SSOA site.

Linda :)

Copyright 2005 - Linda Johnson -