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What is Ascension?
An introductory article for those new to ascension information.

How to Use a Pendulum
Contacting your own guidance is simple once you know how. [Includes Grounding & Protection visualization]

Using a Ouija Board
Not an ascension tool, but since people keep buying these 'games' I've written some suggestions for their safe use.

The Fat Shall Inherit The Earth
Understanding weight gain in ascension.

Seeing The Signs: Divination for the Psychically Challenged

So you think you're not intuitive? Think again!

Making the Map for Ascension
A tough job but somebody's got to do it!

Ascending With Crystals
Learn how to love your crystals.

What is Truth, and Who's Should I Follow?
An age-old question with a pretty simple answer.

Healing With Crystals
How can you use crystals for healing?

So, How Do I Ascend?
How does one actually follow the ascension map?

Lost in Translation
Why the words you say are not necessarily the words others hear

Coming into Balance in Ascension
Rising above the 'pre-sets' you were born with.

Tools 'n' Tones
Making your own Relationship with them.

Life is Not a Dress Rehearsal
If YOU don't make your dreams happen, nobody else will!

Ascending in the Real World
How does one ascend into a new world while still living in the old world?

Ascending at Work
How to use your job to assist your ascension.
[Includes Grounding & Protection visualization]

Creating a Monster
Do you ever get the feeling you've taken on too much?

Your Life on the Cosmic Lawn
Taking stock of attachments.

All in Good Time...
Having trouble manifesting your dream? Could be you're out of Time.

Under Attack!
I'm frequently asked what crystals can be used against psychic attack - but that all depends what's attacking you...

The Beauty of Imperfection
If you are constantly seeking 'perfection' in your life you may be missing out on the lessons and healing 'imperfection' brings.

Ascending into the New Earth
Are you waiting for a golden age to descend upon you? There's lots of work to do!

Being At One with Nature
Isn't it time you spent some time in nature - whatever it holds!

Let's Move to the Country!
Rurally challenged ascending city-slickers take the plunge

Independence Day
The time has come to release the attachments, the job, the city and fly.

One Step Forward...
Whatever happened to Linda & Ted? Life in the country.

Pilgrim's Progress?
The 2005 update on our house building

My Ascension Journey...
How I got into ascension.

The Good Life
Our 2006 progress report

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