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Shelley Blake hadn't dated for over twenty years. Recently divorced, with a new home and starting a new job, she had too much on her mind to think about romance. She didn't even know where to begin. But a series of messages on her computer had her intrigued… and worried. Who was this person that seemed to know what she was doing? Was he stalking her? Was it somebody she worked with?

When he invited her out for a drink she thought it would give her a chance to find out who was annoying her and give him a piece of her mind. But when five o'clock came, he was nothing like she expected.

There was no denying that Drew McAllister was attractive, in a wild sort of way, but there was no way Shelley was going to have a relationship with this… this... boy. He was way too young for her - only twenty eight. She was forty-one for Gods sake!

Drew, however, had other ideas and wasn't shy about getting his own way. Pretty soon Shelley found herself swept up in a relationship with a man she knew very little about. And while their time together was passionate and exciting, he seemed to spend a lot of his time away from her and was very vague about what he was doing. Was there something he was keeping from her?

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