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When he wasn't working as a blacksmith, Jack Murphy had been content to live by his wits, gambling, drinking and generally enjoying himself, until a revelation on his mother's deathbed sets his world upside down and puts Jack on a course for revenge.

When Jack finds out that a Bank Manager and police Trooper had killed his father, stolen their farm and fortune, and forced his mother into a life of prostitution, he vows not to rest until he'd ruined one and killed the other.

His father had been falsely accused of being a bushranger, so Jack decides to give the Trooper, Sam Cowper, a real one to contend with. As 'Gentleman Jack', he and his gang rob and raid the Bathurst district while Cowper's men are powerless to stop them as Jack melts back to his respectable life in Sydney.

Jack has everything under control… until he steals a kiss from Miss Maryanne O'Connell during a robbery. He hadn't factored romance into his plans, but he can't seem to keep away from her - despite the fact she is betrothed to another man.

Things come to a head when a robbery goes horribly wrong throwing all Jack's plans awry and turning Maryanne against him. "Gentleman Jack" is suddenly wanted for murder and Maryanne is the only person who can identify him.

The girl he loves hates him, the troopers are after him, there are people in Sydney depending on him, and he has yet to avenge his parents. How is he going to pick up the pieces and salvage his plan now?
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